Overnight Real Estate Rates Dip
by Real Estate Articles from Inman News
How Much House Can You Afford?
by Terry Light

Fee Schedule

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Single Family (New or Existing)

Less than  1500 SF                   $150.00 - $225.00

1501 - 2000 SF                        $225.00 - $250.00

2001 - 2500 SF                        $250.00 - $285.00

2501 - 3000 SF                        $285.00 - $315.00

3000 - 3500 SF                        $315.00 - $340.00

3501 - 4000 SF                        $340.00 - $385.00

4000 -                                       (Call for a Quote)



Less than 1500 SF                    $150.00 - $200.00

2001 - 2500 SF                        $225.00 - $275.00


Multi-Unit Housing (Up to Four-plex)


First Unit                                  $200.00

Each additional unit                  add  $90


Commercial Properties 

(ask for quote)


          "Optional Fees"

Homes built before 1970's             $30.00

Homes built before 1940's             $40.00

Detached structure w/o utilities       $25.00

Detached structure with utilities       $35.00



Cash or Checks Only